Alimos Marina

Following Aktor Concessions, REDS contributed in the successful bid for the exploitation of Alimos Marina for 40 yrs (with optionof +10 yrs extension), REDS has undertook the task of designing and developing the new Alimos Marina.

Alimos Marina is the largest Marina in Greece, one of the largest in the eastern Mediterranean and the main base for yacht chartering in Athens.

Because of its size and location, Alimos Marina is regarded as an essential part of the developing Athenian sea front, known as the “Athenian Riviera”.

Marina’s refurbishment will bring it to latest international standards, enrich it with additional uses and establish it as a leisure destination for tourists and locals alike.

  • DEVELOPMENTTYPE: Leisure Marina
  • LOCATION: Southern Athens -Alimos
  • LAND SURFACE: 210,000 m2
  • GBA: 18,520 m2
  • SEA SURFACE: 428,000 m2